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CT136TA rwin axle with spare whell and wheel chocks

Twin high tensile galvanized steel structures are mounted on the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle suspension and combine to give a versatile, strong and easy to use vehicle carrier.
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The optional removable / adjustable front wheel chocks take the guess work out of positioning your vehicle. The heavy duty wheel straps (conveniently stored in the lockable toolbox) can be anchored at any number of perforations provided in the bed.

Detachable loading skids and rear steady legs allow the trailer to be stabilised at the perfect clearance angle. The loading skids stow quickly, conveniently and securely within the bed area.

A winch mounting bar, bracket and a range of winches can be added to aid vehicle recovery. Whilst for motorsport users, a front mounted tyre rack option can be fitted with straight or cranked restraining bar to suit the same or different sized tyre combinations. An optional motorcycle recovery kit allows even more functionality, with enough space to carry a large motorcycle securely (CT136TA and CT136HD only).

Standard features include:

• Adjustable rear steady legs

• 2m long loading skids

• Impact resistant plastic mudguards

• Lockable coupling head

• Heavy duty jockey wheel

Optional features include:

• Lockable spare wheel and carrier

• Adjustable front wheel chocks

• Lockable toolbox

• Softlink adjustable wheel straps