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Our BV4 series is the small trailer with a big heart. It’s available as a single or twin axle, the single axle version being suitable for towing behind many larger family saloons.
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Identical in every aspect of quality and build to the larger models in the range, this 8ft x 4ft trailer provides 5ft of headroom (which will clear most garage doors) and a carrying capacity of 4.62m3. The tapered, aerodynamic front section reduces drag, providing better fuel economy for the towing vehicle.

The single axle version offers a maximum gross weight of 1400kg, whilst the twin axle version offers 2700kg.

Available with a choice of van doors or combination ramp doors*, the BV4 series offers a surprisingly high specification for a small trailer.

White coated side panels allow you ample scope to advertise. Whether you’re a go-karting enthusiast, running a mobile disco or transporting promotional material, you’ll find the BV4 trailer a convenient and cost-effective solution.